The FRANK Magazine

FRANK’s Magazine founder Melanie Sykes has a fearless attitude towards new challenges and an endless appetite for life. The idea of FRANK came from the simple observation that mature women needed to be better represented in the media, through the written content or visuals in the magazines and advertising. The over forties woman has an acceptance of herself as a mature person. The physical changes, the first conclusions drawn after an important decade building a career, eventually a family and certainly a life, leave them with experience, scars and a good understanding of who they are. FRANK wants to celebrate, inspire and give a voice to all these women. FRANK is an online magazine which covers fashion and beauty, travel and lifestyle, motoring , psychology and relationships, health and wellbeing, culture, interviews with inspiring personalities who will share their stories, news, reviews on books, movies, theatre… and more. 

”Frank is for women who want to be informed, inspired, look good and be healthy.”

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