Spring Cover Model – D’arcy

I started modelling in 1988 when I won a Canada-wide modeling contest at the age of 18.

My new agency was keen for me to move to Toronto right away, but my Mom insisted that I finish high school first. As usual, she was right. I wouldn’t have been able to go on and study later in life without that education.

I feel that the modelling business has become much more open to different kinds of beauty which is wonderful. When I started, there was very much a beauty ideal one had to fit into. 

I remember being told that I should have the width of my nose reduced and a few other tweaks. I made a pact with my Mom that if I had to change anything about my looks that I would quit modeling.

At this time in my life I feel like I am just getting started. Age allows a certain amount of not caring what other people think and it’s refreshing. I love being creative and I’m always up for trying something new. My attitude is ‘how hard can it be? Let’s give it a go.’ 

I am currently working with  Great Ormond Street on an upcoming fundraiser gala for their new Sight and Sound Hospital. My eldest son is partially sighted and we would have been lost without GOSH in the beginning. 

I also love to paint and take classes at London Fine Arts Studios in Battersea as well as doing fashion illustration at home. Being an artist wasn’t an option as a real job where I grew up, so it’s wonderful having the chance to pursue a dream I had since I was little.

It’s important for my boys to see their mum pursuing a dream and achieving it. 

Many of my early modelling trips took me to Japan which had an enormous impact on a young me. I have finally downloaded an app where I do daily Japanese lessons and I am loving it!

It has been  a great pleasure and an honour to be FRANK’S first cover model.

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