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The skin of the neck and chest are sensitive and thin compared to other parts of the body. Combine that with gravity and the constant looking down over your mobile or screens plus sun exposure, it’s an area at risk of fine lines and sagging.

The décolletage, the delicate area from the chin to the chest is one of the first places to reveal signs of ageing and perhaps the most noticeable and in some cases more ageing than the hands.

For the winter months this area has been swathed with scarves and covered with polo necks but its time to peel off and start getting ready for warmer times and lower necklines.

We’ve rounded up our stand out moisturisers, serums, and creams that will help your skin become smoother and firmer.

Sisley Neck Cream: The Enriched Formula

Revitalise the neck area with Sisley Neck Cream £116

This skincare treatment is designed to help combat the signs of ageing that particularly affect the area of the skin around the neck. This cream can help skin look firmer and more toned; with prolonged use, the delicate neck skin will be contoured and re-shaped for a smoother, more even complexion.

RéVive Skincare

Fermitif neck renewal cream £105

With broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen.
This luxurious rose-scented cream is designed to renew skin on the neck and décolletage while protecting from the harshness of sun.


Rejuvenating Lift For Neck & Décolleté £59

This is an anti-ageing treatment that rapidly firms, smooths and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the neck and décolletage. It has a patented formula that increases skin firmness by 42% after one application, evens skin tone and smooths skin texture, reducing the appearance of thin, crepey skin and wrinkles.

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