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Dutch-born Shalke Gummels is a model, practitioner, healer, and jewelry designer. She traveled the world extensively before moving to the UK in 2000. She works with energy healing disciplines such as Reiki, Regression Therapy and Shamanic Healing. Shalke trained in Shamanism with world-renowned teachers Sandra Ingerman through the Shift network and Imelda Almvqvist. The latter with whom she completed a two-year intensive Shamanic practitioner training course.

When did you start modelling?
I started Modelling 25 years ago.
How were you discovered?
I went to Paris on a school trip and was approached by a scout for Metropolitan. At the time, I was quite unsure as I had not considered modelling at all and wanted to go and pursue dance. 
How has the business changed as you have become a women and in terms of how it has responded to you?
I never thought that I would still be a model at this age (43). When I was in my modelling prime, I noticed other models would retire very early or be classed old before they were 30. But I feel that the industry has undergone a considerable change and is embracing different age groups, sizes, and cultures, as it should, which has been amazing. Work has been exciting and Inspiring.
It’s great to be part of this industry at this time.
How would you describe yourself?

I would say I am curious and eager to explore and learn new things, I am somewhat impatient, but I am learning. I am the only one who laughs at my jokes. Adventurous certainly.  I want to think I am a good friend.

What are your passions? 

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, which I love and want to share. My journey of Shamanic healing has allowed me to heal challenges held around rejection, trust, and my sense of belonging. Through this work, I now experience a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the web of life. I now wish to share this beautiful and compelling work with those who feel called.  I also love nature, travel, food, and my lovely family, which include our three cats and the rabbit..
Tell us about your jewellery business? 

Shalke Jewelery is handmade by me from my home studio in Folkestone. 
When making the jewelry I draw inspiration from nature, symbols, and travel. I love creating pieces that feel personal to the wearer. This can include looking at the meaning of stones, inscriptions or creating a bespoke piece.  Currently, I am working with Lotus love pieces, Chakra symbols, and stack rings which include birthstones.

Instagram @shalke_gummels

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