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Detox your skin Winter Warriors

Winter Warriors

By Beauty Editor Fiona Eustace @fionaeustace

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DETOX… that word sends shivers down my spine . The thought of depriving myself at this time of year is not something I love to do, but a skin detox is entirely different and it’s both enjoyable and rewarding.
With the winter months upon us it’s crucial to treat yourself with extra care. Everything from the weather outside to the products we use inside our homes and on our bodies effects us and shows up over time on our skin. So take some time and treat yourself to some of the amazing treatments that are available.
Our skin is our largest organ and some of its functions are to protect us against infection, regulating your body temperature and insulating us against the elements. Detoxing the skin will cause it to change and you may start to notice inflammation, puffiness and redness as well as blemishes. When cleansing the skin, dirt and toxins are pushed up to the surface, sometimes showing up as blemishes and spots. This is when some people stop using a product as they think it isn’t working but this is in fact, the detoxifying process in motion. Remember to take time as you need to clear out anything that is congesting the surface of your skin.

Here are a few of my favourite devices and products that will help you create the best skin to live in.

Olivierewilson Micro Needling Hair Roller with Nanogen Hair Serum £66
Olivierewilson makes it twice in this Beauty Edit as I did not know you could microneedle your hair to achieve thicker locks. For someone who has had fine hair all her life this is revolutionary. Tests show that you can get up to 40% increase in hair count by using a microneedle once a week. OW has teamed up with Nanogen, the hair fibre experts and have created a fantastic serum. This gorgeous non greasy product contains scalp nourishing and detoxifying ingredients. Niacinamide which exfoliates dead skin cell and green tea extract that is an antioxidant powerhouse. Using the roller after the serum helps promote collagen which forms stronger hair follicles and also increases blood supply, delivering the vital nutrients.

Nurse Jamie Dermascrape Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing & Skincare Enhancing Tool £70
Don’t let the name put you off, this little device packs a real punch. Ultrasonic therapy stimulates cells that are much deeper than the superficial layers of skin, which jumpstarts collagen, reduces inflammation and promotes blood circulation. The Dermascrape is a unique 3 in 1 ultrasonic device that is suitable for most skin types. The device temporarily improves your appearance and glow, cleansing your skin, extracting unwanted debris and it also enhances your favourite skincare products.

Olivierewilson Cryo Ice Sticks £90
These beautiful Ice Sticks are ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your face, neck and body. They are great to use after microneedling, laser or a peel. They can be used directly on the skin or over a mask, serum or cream. Glide the sticks from the centre of the face outward to flush the lymph and detoxify. I was really impressed with these, I loved the instant relief they gave my tired puffy eyes and I loved using them to massage my face and neck which helped to reduce any inflammation. The added bonus is you can also pop them onto the nape of your neck and they will relieve tired shoulders and are great for relieving tension headaches too. Such a treat if you sit on your computer all day. I keep mine in the fridge but you can keep them in the freezer for added coolness. Make sure you run them under water before use, you don’t want them to stick to you.

E Cooking Derma Roller £73
E cooking’s new skincare tool is so easy to use. Lightly move the roller in a hashtag motion over your skin, avoiding your delicate eye and lip area. It will make your skin red but this is actually a good sign. The needles are 0.5mm long which means ideally you should use once or twice a week, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Even though this roller won’t technically detox your skin, if used in conjunction with a serum, it will aid absorption of up to 90% meaning that it will help after a deep cleanse. Other benefits include reducing fine lines, improving signs of blemishes and tightening loose skin.

Naya Dry Facial brush £26
If gadgets are not your thing, then this gorgeous little facial brush could be just what you’re looking for. We have all heard of the benefits of dry body brushing, and now we can do the same for our faces. Effectively removing dead skin to help your skin breath. It will also stimulate blood circulation and your lymph flow. It is 100% vegan and made from locally sourced wood in collaboration with the forest ranger. This a beautiful addition to your beauty regime and it’s kind to the planet.

Epsom salts £5.95
Epsom Salts have been used as a therapeutic remedy since the 17th century. They are renowned for their healing properties. They help eliminate toxins from the body, promote sleep and are a great stress reducer. Just add 250g to your warm bath and soak. You can do this up to three times per week for optimum benefits. I like to add a few drops of essential oil to my bath as well. In the evening I use Neal’s Yard Lavender oil (www. £9.50) and if in the daytime, I use Neals Yard Grapefruit which is great for uplifting mood and emotions.

Drunk Elephant £67.00
This gorgeous face mask by Drunk Elephant is packed full of AHA’s and BHA’s. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) are fabulous water soluble acids derived from sugary fruits which effectively exfoliate the surface of your skin to reveal baby fresh skin below. Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA’s) more commonly known as Salicylic acid can penetrate deeper into your hair follicles and dry out any excess oil and dead skin cells which can visibly make your dermis (The deeper levels of your skin) fuller and plumper. Babyfacial has been created especially to resurface and reveal radiant looking skin.

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser £27.00
Boscia has been around for 32 years, originating in Japan, it is the world’s first 100% preservative-free skincare for sensitive skin. The Detoxifying Cleanser is formulated with Activated Charcoal and Glycolic acid. It warms as soon as you start to lather it between your hands. It dissolves pore-clogging impurities, oil, and makeup whilst also brightening skin and minimising pores.

Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil £30
Caudalie makes sensational products, the Beauty Elixir has been a staple in my kit for many years. Rich in Omega 6 and vitamin E, this detox oil helps stressed skin regenerate overnight, leaving the skin detoxified and the complexion refreshed. The dry oil texture is suitable for all skin types and is easily absorbed with no stickiness.


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