SS21 Trend Report

By Annabel Kerman

A Spring 2021 Fashion Trend report might seem like a non sequitur this month, when many of us barely leave our houses, socialising is carried out from the waist up, and the idea of ‘working a look’ is only a prerequisite for a zoom fancy dress party. There’s no denying the fashion industry has had its share of struggles in recent times. A year ago the challenge was aligning the flamboyancy of fashion month to a more conscious global attitude. Then weeks later, faced with the biggest pandemic of our generation, the question became ‘is there any place for fashion in this new world?’ Tracksuits became our new best friends. But while it’s true that lockdown has revealed a need to consider clothing on a basic level, of comfort and purpose (and who can deny a tracksuit is cosy AND practical!) there comes a point we need to rediscover the mood enhancing boost that getting dressed up can give us. After all, are we dressing for our own pleasure or for others? And in case anyone feels guilt about such frippery, there are reams of articles supporting the idea that clothes can have a positive influence on our mental health.
So it should come as no surprise that designers didn’t sink into a sea of jersey for SS21. Yes there were easy to wear pieces, like slouchy loose legged trousers and throw on denim. But there was also welcome positivity: Top to toe colour, from bold primaries to sweet pastels, or statement maxi dresses offering us the option to channel Margo from the Goodlife (We’ve been Barbara for long enough)
Here are Frank’s choice of cheer bringing new season pieces this season. Whether through purchasing, shopping our wardrobes, or buying preloved, these key catwalk looks combine wearability whilst bringing a little sunshine to our Spring. Take it as doctor’s orders.

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