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Interview with Liddie Holt

When and how long did you model for?

My modelling career began in 1982 when I was 18 & I am still taking assignments today so I reckon around 40 years.

What were the greatest elements of the job?

The greatest elements of the job are the places I have visited, the people I have met & the opportunities which have presented themselves.

When did you get into photography?

To be submerged in fashion & exposed to some of the worlds most beautiful locations, photography was a way of savouring such experiences. I didn’t want to let go of any of it. I kept a photographic diary of everywhere I went & the people I was drawn to, this led to a natural evolution of a passion which is still with me. I simply love capturing all of which my eyes feast…! I’m greedy so I doubt I will ever stop…!

How would you describe your style of images?

My imagery is real and textured. It raw as, it is rich.
It is an expression of how I see everything, raw and true.

What inspires you creatively?

There is rarely a day passes whereupon I am not stirred by something I am confronted with, this can be light, colour, shape or form. There is beauty in everything, you just have acknowledge it. You obviously love being in nature.

What does it give you? Have you always been drawn to the

As for nature it never ceases to amaze, I love the way it adapts, I love its surprises it’s so easy to take all for granted. if you simply sit & observe, it’s an overwhelming accumulative workforce, whether this involves the weather or mankind or particularly at present both. It’s a joy to observe with a camera.

What have been your greatest life lessons as you have matured?

I am concerned for what lays ahead, so I will continue to indulge & catalogue what is in front of me, for as far as I can see it is beautiful…

“ My imagery is real and textured. It is as raw as, it is rich.”

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