The Preloved Fashion Revolution


By Annabel Kerman

It’s clear fashion is in the midst of a sea change; that attitudes to how we shop have been flipped on their head in recent times. Rewind even five years and for many, second hand clothes carried the hard to shift whiff of the charity shop bargain bin. Not party conversation. Fast forward to 2021, to joke about wearing second hand would be like conversational tumbleweed. These conversations ARE now the party. Industry insiders now predict second hand shopping could overtake both the fast fashion market and the luxury market in the next 8 years. No more questions.

It’s been an incredibly fast turnaround, fuelled by the urgent need for change in our attitudes to sustainability. For the ‘woke’ Gen Z generation, secondhand shopping means unique items without damaging the environment, with zero negative connotations. For us non Gen Z’s (but trying for woke-ness), the rise of preloved luxury appeals for its quality and longevity.

Plus there’s no disputing that covid has changed our shopping habits: with time away from the materialism of normality, the nation is choosing quality over fast fashion. And now that purchasing must be done online, luxe well designed websites of preloved brands that deliver to our doors are enough to deal the knockout blow to any last preconceptions.
Here is Frank’s select of our current favourite preloved luxury stores and brands, whether you prefer insta friendly, cult classics or something in between. And not a bargain bin in sight.

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