Sustainable, stylish pieces to suit the great outdoors, whether you swim, run, hike, or just
walk the dog.

By Annabel Kerman

  1. VOITED at Bear and Bear Cloudtouch pillow blanket £119
  2. SANDQVIST at Bear and Bear Stig backpack £64
  3. LISH Wilmot teal blue dog jumper from £40
  4. EVEERVITAL Zip up swimsuit £118
  5. APPLE sports watch from £429
  6. DRYROBE Advance wild swimming robe £150
  7. ELVIS AND KRESSE Fire and Hide belt £80
  8. VEJA Venturi running shoes £140
  9. LOCKE & CO Chippenham Fedora hat £94.80
  10. CONSIGNED at Wolf and Badger Belt bag £35
  11. SPEEDO wetsuit £52
    Nature photos by Liddie Holt

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