Korean beauty or K-Beauty is not a new concept and has been popular in the UK for a few years now.

By Beauty Editor Fiona Eustace @fionaeustace

Skincare has overtaken sales of makeup since we have all been in and out of lockdown these last 12 months and it’s easy to see why. Taking time to look after ourselves and treat our skin more kindly has for some never been easier.

Korean beauty or K-Beauty is not a new concept and has been popular in the UK for a few years now. If you’ve not heard of the 10 step beauty regime, the chances are that you have heard of some of their products, such as sheet masks, BB creams, acne pimple patches or under eye masks. Originally because of the kitsch appearance of the packaging it was very popular with beauty bloggers, beauty insiders and teenagers. It has since gained great interest and is now readily available at many high street stores and online in the UK.
Koreans take their skin care very seriously and they believe that prevention is so much better than cure and will use SPF and anti ageing skin care products at a much younger age than other countries. Glass skin and luminosity is high on their list instead of covering problems with makeup. They are very knowledgeable about ingredients therefore, cosmetic companies invest heavily in research and development to help meet the high demands made by the consumers. They focus on hypoallergenic and naturally derived formulations that are safe for all skin types and also because of their effectiveness, they are designed to improve skin from the inside out, hydrate, repair and enhance.
Don’t let the thought of a time consuming 10 step system put you off. I have adopted some of the steps each day and have seen a difference in my skin’s luminosity, and for my nighttime routine I add in a few more steps because I have more time. If my skin needs it, at the weekend, I will do all 10 steps. I love the time to myself and enjoy the benefits, my skin looking the best it can.


Step 1 Eye makeup Remover
Using a gentle eye makeup remover, is easier on the eye area, than using a thick cleanser. Laneige (£15) is an oil free remover, designed to remove the most stubborn waterproof lip and eye makeup. Dampen a cosmetic pad, I love the reusable bamboo cotton pads by Chok Beauty (£12). Leave the soaked pads on your eyes to help dissolve the makeup, then slowly and gently wipe down, this reduces tugging and pulling on the
delicate eye area.

Step 2 Double Cleanse
I love to double cleanse, I will do this every
evening to remove makeup and SPF. I like
to use either a balm or an oil for the first cleanse and I use Innisfree (£13.80) it is gorgeous on the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. Use on dry skin, massage in and rinse off with warm water. It is bursting with antioxidants and fantastic for all skin types. For the second cleanse I like something a little lighter like this Whip cleanser from Soon Jung (£16.50) . This is a soft moisturising mouse, which is perfect for even the most sensitive skins. This cleanser uses minimal ingredients and effectively cleans with its rich foam and leaves your skin so soft.

Step 3 Exfoliation
We are not talking, crushed up pine nut kernels that will cause more damage than good on your skin. Gone are the days of harsh exfoliators. These have been replaced with more gentler ways to exfoliate the skin. Gauze pads from Neogen (£24 each) are sensational and wont leave your skin feeling tight. The mesh gauze removes dead skin cells while the embossed side will gently remove what’s left. A splash of warm water afterwards and your skin will be left looking brighter and smoother.

Step 4 Tone
This step is often overlooked but it does add that extra va va voom. Pyunkang Yul ’s brilliant essence toner is great for dry skin (£8.85). It delivers nutrients deep into the skin and provides intense hydration. Using minimal ingredients again and fragrance free, this toner is perfect to use on even the most sensitive skin. Soak a pad and gently swipe across your face from the inside out.

Step 5 Treatment Essence
Again this step is sometimes overlooked as it is very similar to a toner but it works very differently, so it is an important step A toner works on the surface of your skin whilst the essence is a booster that works at a deeper level and preps your skin to help you absorb following treatments like serum and moisturiser. This gorgeous essence from Purito (£19.80) is highly concentrated and contains Niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3 which helps support the skin barrier and helps to minimise pores and balance oil production.

Step 6 Treatments
I love to add this step in the evening and this Missha Time evolution night repair ampoule (£33) is the perfect product. It works wonders on your skin overnight by improving skin elasticity and reduces the signs of ageing. This new generation formula contains over 50% of Bifida Ferment Lysate which has two major benefits: it protects against UV damaged skin and provides an anti-ageing effect.

Step 7 Sheet Mask
I do love a sheet mask. I always use them on my clients before I do any makeup. They have an immediate effect on the skin and although it is temporary it certainly boosts skin for an event. They are great for soothing sensitive or even sunburnt skin. There are so many to choose from but I prefer Shangpree masks (£10.80). Infused with a combination of Hyaluronic acid and S-marine jewel which is Phytosphingosine, a type of fat that is added to products which has anti inflammatory properties and Royal jelly which is full of antioxidants that soothe the skin and fight free radical damage, which contributes to premature ageing.

Step 8 Eye Cream
Your delicate eye area always needs some extra love. I recommend the eye cream from Miin cosmetics, available through Lone Design Club (£31.49). This cream provides plenty of moisture and is intensely brightening, exactly what you want. Eye cream should not be applied too close to your eyes, always use your ring finger and tap along the orbital bone.

Step 9 Sleep Mask
Take a deep breath we are nearing the end of our K-Beauty skincare regime. This step is something that I do once a week or if I have an event the next day. This ensures my skin looks tip top. This overnight mask by Dear, Klaris (£24.60), is full of gorgeous hydrating ingredients and your skin will be beautiful, bright and glowing in the morning.

Step 10 Sunscreen
So you made it, we are on the final step and it is probably the most important. If you decide to skip any of the steps make sure that it’s not this one. I’m not going to rattle on about the importance of sunscreen as I think we all know that come rain or shine this steps important.
Reach for a lightweight gel texture. Holika Holika aloe soothing essence (£12.59) waterproof sun gel is perfect. It provides a broad spectrum protection and leaves a non-greasy finish, while moisturizing with Aloe Vera.

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